Year of Dragon

The Dragon is one of the most powerful and lucky signs in the Chinese zodiac, with many believing there is a balance between heaven and earth in the lives of people born in the Year of the Dragon. As well as being blessed with good fortune, Dragons are innovative, flexible, self-assured and passionate, making good artists, diplomats and politicians. However, Dragons can also be stubborn, intense and quick tempered. 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, with water having a calming influence on Dragons’ fearless temperament, and also making them more perceptive of others.

Dragon lucky gemstone: Opal, sapphire and amber

Dragon lucky colours: Gold and black

Most compatible signs for Dragons: Rat, Snake, Monkey and Rooster

Most incompatible signs for Dragons: Dog

People born in the Year of the Dragon include: Gough Whitlam, Al Pacino, Bruce Lee, Casey Donovan, Emily Browning, Fats Domino, Elle Macpherson, Sigmund Freud, Gregory Peck, John Lennon, Grace Cossington Smith, Ken Done, Martin Sheen, Reese Witherspoon, Russell Crowe, Salvador Dali, Sandra Bullock, Melissa George, James Blundell, John Bell and Shirley Temple.